Meet the Smokecraft Team

Smokecraft Owner & Pitmaster

Andrew Darneille

Owner & Pitmaster

Since Andrew was a kid, he has always associated great food with happy social gatherings.  His love of BBQ started while learning how to grill lunch for his family while on summer vacations, and later spawned into his career.  He began working in restaurants the summer before college, and he began managing restaurants in the Washington D.C. area soon after graduation. Over the past 18 years, Andrew has worked for some of the biggest restaurant companies in the country, including The Cheesecake Factory, Hard Rock Café, Blackfinn AmeriPub, and Richard Sandoval Restaurants. Then, he had the unique opportunity to help rebuild a classic American BBQ concept, which reignited his passion for barbecue. Soon after, he began to compete in professional barbecue competitions and quickly saw success.  Today, Andrew leads his team in the never-ending pursuit of creating the best barbecue possible, pushing the boundaries of what barbecue is and can be.

wayne thompson

Wayne Thompson Jr.

Sous Chef

Hailing from Hampton, Virginia, Wayne’s passion for cooking began in his grandmother's kitchen. He started his culinary career working for a national brand, training chefs across the country, before finding his passion for BBQ. After several years working for smokehouses in southern Virginia, Wayne is excited to share his talents with the Smokecraft team! When not at work, you’ll find him smoking some Ribs in his backyard with his Dad and fiancé, Bianca.