We All Queue Up for ‘Cue

Our Iconic Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pitmaster Andrew Darneille has won dozens of barbecue contests, and the menu at Smokecraft has a common thread: Everything on it, he says, must be touched by fire or smoke. That leads to interesting choices like smoked crabcakes and cedar plank salmon, a smoked Monte Cristo sandwich and even smoked desserts like Key Lime pie and chocolate-cherry bread pudding. For those who are all about traditional barbecue, a Smokecraft Combo for $24.95 allows you to choose three meats from offerings of pulled pork, brisket, chicken, jalapeno cheddar sausage, St. Louis ribs or turkey. Or, size up with the Whole Lotta Cue, which features all of the meats on the menu  plus four sides, and feeds three to four people for $69.95. //1051 N. Highland St., Arlington (Clarendon)

From Arlington Magazine.